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Telling a story sounds easy. But as you know, building a content framework to do just that is complicated. That’s because people don’t think about all the facets that make up a truly unique brand story and then how to bring it to life through content-driven experiences.

Carla works with companies to solve the tough challenges that keep them from sounding unique in the marketplace. Through proven frameworks that scale across the enterprise, she works with executives and their teams to think differently about the practice of marketing and how to elevate its role and effectiveness within an organization.

If you’re interested in learning more about Carla and the work that she does, please let us know.

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“If you are lucky (and smart), you might get to work with Carla one day. And when that happens, you’ll be energized by her empathy and interest and respect for everyone around her. You’ll be impressed with her knack for storytelling and thankful that she knows how to deliver it to the right people at the right time. Carla’s understanding of how it all comes together — brand, strategy, audience, content — is empowering, and I don’t know of an organization that wouldn’t benefit from having her around.”

- Chris Tomeo, Creative Director, K2

March 22, 2015