A great experience starts with a great story. Carla sets the high-level vision at big conferences or intimate private events.  Her expertise of speaking in multiple platforms brings together a C-suite, business-driven perspective with customer experience in a creative, easy-to-understand framework.

Regardless of the size of your audience, Carla’s storytelling talents ignite ideas, motivate curiosity and validate that audiences aren’t alone in this changing world of marketing and business.

If you’re interested in having Carla speak at your event or to your team, please let us know.

See Carla in action as the opening keynote at SMPS Build Business

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“I have had the pleasure of hearing Carla speak a number of times and each time I hear her, she shows why she is one of the foremost thought leaders in content marketing and strategy, B2B marketing and brand storytelling. Carla shows everyone how to communicate at a higher level within an organization and connect with teams in ways that are engaging and meaningful. She has that unique ability to make you think about the work that you do in a deeply relevant way.”

- Chad Hartman, Director of Marketing, Tropical Foods

March 22, 2015