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Creating a content-driven customer experience organization takes a cultural shift from how you’ve done things to how you need to do them. Leading brands understand that marketing-driven leadership requires a shift in an organization’s belief systems in order for it to be successful. Just like any great athlete, you have to train to achieve your goals. Every organization has change advocates and change resistors. Your challenge is understanding how to work within this landscape in order for a new marketing department to come to fruition and be able to lead, innovate and execute in ways that create value on its own – rather than describing the value of the products and services your company sells. In order to do this, you need to make an investment in your people.

If you’re interested in having Carla deliver customized training for your organization, please let us know.

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“We hired Carla Johnson to conduct training covering marketing concepts and social media strategies for the Museum Store Association Western Chapter. Carla stayed beyond the length of her session because she had members so engaged - she was one of the highlights of our annual regional meeting. Her presentation was thoughtful and appropriate for the audience, who weren’t marketing professionals. I would highly recommend hiring Carla for your group or projects.”
Raymond McKenzie, San Francisco Asian Art Museum

March 22, 2015